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This is the first article posted by our friend Mwanyali Hestings in … Action

There is one thing  which I’ll never stop doing in my lifesytle, that is, “sharing ideas with my fellow friends”. I hope together we can build a better next world generation!!










Ieri, 28 Novembre 2014,  al Comesa Hall di Blantyre, la cerimonia di consegna dei Diplomi in Giornalismo.
Tre anni di studi ed ecco Action che con orgoglio mostra il suo.
Ora inizia il viaggio, la strada è lunga ma raccontare bene abbrevia e facilita il percorso.
Go Action Go…..


I was born in a poor family, I am the first born and the second one is my brother who is 16 years old now: our parents passed away when I was 10.
Since in Malawi there is free primary education, I went to primary school with an encouragement from my grandmother (guardian), a poor widower, even though it was a challenge to her to provide some necessities.
While at primary school, I was selected to go to secondary school after writing Primary School Living Certificate (PSLC) examination in 2006 but I had nowhere to go for support to pursue my secondary education since my guardian (grandmother) had nothing in her pocket to provide me with school necessities
In 2007, Sottosopra Malawi Organization took me for school support (school fees and other necessities) from form 1 up to form 4.
I wrote my Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE) examination in 2010 and passed with the results that qualified me to be selected to go to one of the National Colleges in Malawi to study journalism.
While there at the college – from the year 2012 up to now – I have also been supported by Sottosopra Malawi Organization, with fees and everything necessary for school, .
In November this year, 2014, I am going to graduate for Diploma in journalism a thing that comes about by Sottosopra Organization.
[In general I can say that the Organization has been supporting me from the year 2007 till now 2014].
Therefore, with a great gratitude, I really appreciate for what Sottosopra Malawi Organization has been doing to me.
And many thanks should go to all the Donors of the Organization.
I know for sure that this is not the end of the road but it is indeed the beginning, I am asking God Almighty to be with the Organization and the Donors forever.
Right now I am at Diploma level in journalism but I wish I could pursue my studies up to the Degree level and, with hope, I ask Sottosopra Malawi Organization to continue assisting me up to this level.